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Megan Philbin, a senior corporate bond trader at Barclays, says a knack for shopping, a love of sports and having at least one brother can give any woman a serious edge on Wall Street. As one of relatively few women on the Street trading investment grade credit, Megan knows what it takes to succeed in the highly competitive industry. While she admits that at first her position “seemed intimidating,” it didn’t take long for her to thrive in the dynamic, ever-changing world of financial services.


Since joining Templar Megan has worked with both buy and sell-side clients such as Blackstone, HSBC, Pimco, & UBS.

She advises clients across the communications spectrum, including messaging and delivery involved in public speaking, preparation for annual investor conferences and upcoming roadshows, and networking.


In this month’s Templar Spotlight series, we feature Megan Philbin from our New York office.  Megan, a former corporate bond trader with over 15 years of experience on Wall Street, joined Templar in 2018, delivering the full suite of programmes.

However, the right approach and practical skills needed to overcome those challenges is often gender specific.